“Wilderness of Salt” by Virginia Mallon

The work explores the female perspective on loss and regret. Images of biblical and mythological women are balanced against contemporary counterparts.    The first taking inspiration from Lot’s Wife, in particular the…

“Plastic People” by Marc Duggan

Plastic people lived among us for many years without anyone ever noticing. At first, their numbers were few, but these increased whilst all the while they cautiously moved among us. They manage…


A Mermaid’s Fury by Linda M. Crate

i wish i could run from your name, but it holds me captive; i will always be yours but you were never mine— wish i could take back every kind word, every…

Illustrations by Neeraj Menon

  Neeraj Menon is a comic book colorist and illustrator from Pune, India. He grew up on a steady diet of superheroes, video games and other nutritious sources of pop culture. He now…

Oldman J by Derek Mason

Derek Mason has been painting for just over 6 years. A self-taught artist, Derek began his work doing brief studies on animals before expressing himself with paint, initially experimenting with watercolours. He’s…



“The Pickaxe” by Sunny Selby

I will not be invincible I will not be indestructible…

Iceland by Lydia Harper

  Iceland by Lydia Harper  

Shadow Portrait by Priscilla Westra

  Shadow Portrait by Priscilla Westra